御霊神社(鎌倉 坂ノ下)/ Goryo Shrine in Kamakura Sakanoshita

長谷駅近くの「鎌倉・江の島七福神」の「福禄寿」がいる鎌倉坂ノ下の「御霊神社」。/ (bilingual contents) “Goryo Shrine” where “Fukurokuju” of “Kamakura and Enoshima 7 lucky Gods” is enshrined, is located at Sakanoshita in Kamakura.


I went out around 13:20 and returned home for an excursion at 15:40.

「長谷駅」→「力餅家」→「虚空蔵堂」→「成就院」→「極楽寺」→「極楽寺駅」→「食パン専門店 Bread Code by recette 」→「御霊神社」→「長谷駅」小旅行。

Small Travel, “Hase Station” -> “Chikara-mochi-ya” -> “Kyokuzodo” -> “Jojuin” -> “Gokurakuji Temple” -> “Gokurakuji Station” -> “Bread shop, Bread Code by recette” -> “Goryo Shrine” -> “Hase Station” .


  1. 鎌倉 坂ノ下 御霊神社とは
  2. 御霊神社と江ノ電
  3. 御霊神社の鳥居
  4. 「手水舎」での清め手順
  5. 霊神社と境内(多くの神社)
  6. 神社の正しい参り方
  7. 「鎌倉江ノ島七福神」の「福禄寿」(7月20日更新)

■鎌倉 坂ノ下 御霊神社とは


Turn right at the “Chikara-mochi-ya” corner and go straight to the Enoden line. The torii gate of “Goryo Shrine” is located across the railroad track.


There are 3 pronunciations to call the temple which are “goryo”, “gorei”, or “mitama”. In addition, there are many the same name temple nationwide, and the number posted on the Wiki is 14 in Kanto region, 1 in Chubu region , 16 in Kinki region,1 in Shikoku region.


This “Goryo Shrine” was originally a ancestor of the five family members of the Kan-Heishi, namely, the five spirits of Kamakura, Kajiwara, Muraoka, Nagao, and Oba. After that, Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa became a festival deity and the shrine was called it as Gongoro Shrine.


The anecdote is that in “Oshu-go-Sannen-ki (Three-year story after Oshu,” Gongoro Kagemasa, at the age of sixteen, followed the Minamoto Yoshiie and attacked Kanazawa Fence (in Akita Prefecture) as the Oshu-go-Sannen battle. At that time, a person named Toriumi Saburo shot an arrow into Gongoro Kagemasa’s right eye, but he shot the arrow without pulling it and defeated the opponent. After that, he went back to the his team and shouted, “Kagemasa was injured”. Then, Teita Tametsugu living in Miura put his foot on the face of Kagemasa in order to pull out the arrow that stuck into Kagemasa’s eyes. Then, Kagemasa scolded Tametsugu’s rudeness with a sword, saying, “Samurai is willing to die by hitting an arrow. Why are you stepping on my face with your bare feet? ” Tametsugu apologized for his rudeness and struck his knees and pulled the arrow out.

江ノ電 御霊神社前 / Enoden running in front of Gorei Temple
江ノ電 御霊神社前 / Enoden running in front of Gorei Temple



Well, as I wrote in the “Gokurakuji” blog, there is the only Enoden’s tunnel between Hase Station and Gokurakuji Station. The entrance on one side is right next to this “Goryo Shrine”. So everyone gathers around this track to get a photo of Enoden coming out of the tunnel. Now it’s time for hydrangea, so you can take photos of hydrangea and Enoden beside the track.


御霊神社 鳥居 / Gate of Gorei Temple
御霊神社 鳥居 / Gate of Gorei Temple


When you cross the railroad, there is a torii gate in front of you. You can look the “Temizuya (the place of wash hands to purify)” on the right hand beyond the torii. Unfortunately it was unusable due to countermeasures against corona virus. Let’s worship without purifying.

鎌倉 御霊神社の案内 / Information of Goryo shrine in Kamakura
鎌倉 御霊神社の案内 / Information of Goryo shrine in Kamakura



Originally, the following is the procedure for purifying at the “Temizuya”.

  1. 右手で柄杓(ひしゃく)をもって水をとる
  2. 左手を洗って清め
  3. 柄杓を左手に持ち替え、右手を洗って清め
  4. 柄杓を右手に持ち替え、左手で水を受けて口をすすぐ
  5. そして、最後に柄杓を縦にして柄に水を流し清めます
  1. Take water with a ladle with your right hand.
  2. Wash your left hand and purify.
  3. Switch the ladle to your left hand, wash your right hand and purify.
  4. Hold the ladle in your right hand and receive water with your left hand to rinse your mouth.
  5. Finally, with the ladle vertical, pour water over the its handle to purify it.



This is a photo on the left of the approach. The one with the red torii gate is “Inari Shrine”. The center is “Akiha Shrine”. On your right is a stone monument.

御神木 タブノキ / Sacred tree, Machilus thunbergii
御神木 タブノキ / Sacred tree, Machilus thunbergii


The sacred tree is Tabuki. It seems that the tree height is over 20m and the estimated tree age is over 350 years. You cannot see the whole tree.

景正公 弓立の松 / Stand of Kagemasa's bow
景正公 弓立の松 / Stand of Kagemasa’s bow


The stump of pine tree is to say Kagemasa had his bow stand.

御霊神社(鎌倉) / Gorei Temple in Kamakura (2020, June 21st)
御霊神社(鎌倉) / Gorei Temple in Kamakura (2020, June 21st)

こちらが、「御霊神社」(鎌倉 権五郎神社)。奥には、鏡があります。この「御霊神社」には、鈴がありません。鈴を鳴らさず「二礼二拍手一礼」。

This is the “Goryo Shrine” (Kamakura Gongoro Shrine). There is a mirror in the house. There is no bell in this “Goryo Shrine”, so do “two bows, and two claps and one bow” without ringing.



The right way to visit. However, please note that it depends on the location.

  1. 「手水舎(てみずや)」で清め
  2. 参道の端を歩いて本殿へ。(真ん中は神様の通り道)
  3. 拝殿前で立ち止まり一礼
  4. 鈴を鳴らす
  5. お賽銭
  6. 二礼二拍手し願い事
  7. 最後に一礼
  8. 下がって一礼
  1. Purify you at “Temizuya”. (like the above way)
  2. Walk along the shifted way of the center of the approach to go to the main shrine. (the center of the approach is God’s way)
  3. Stop in front of the front shrine
  4. Ring the bell.
  5. Throw money into the offering box.
  6. Wish after two bows and two claps
  7. Finally one bow.
  8. Step down and one bow down again.


When I left “Goryo Shrine”, I walked along the Enoden line and arrived at “Hase Station”.

江ノ島電鉄 長谷駅から極楽寺駅へ / Enoden from Hase to Gokurakuji
長谷~極楽寺の地図/Map from Hase to Gokurakuji
長谷~極楽寺の地図/Map from Hase to Gokurakuji



On July 20, I stopped by “Goryo Shrine” again to see “Fukurokuju”, one of the “Kamakura Enoshima Seven Lucky Gods”. “Fukurokuju” God is in the middle of the upper part of the figure below.



If you look around the precincts, there is a warehouse called “Goryo Shrine Treasure House”, and the sign “Fukurokuju” is in front of it. However, the warehouse was closed, so I gave up at once.

御霊神社宝蔵庫 / Treasure house in Goryo shrine
御霊神社宝蔵庫 / Treasure house in Goryo shrine


After that, I went to the the precincts which I hadn’t seen before.

すると、右手に、立派な銀杏(イチョウ)の木が2本ありました。「夫婦銀杏」というらしいです。銀杏は、雌株と雄株があるなと思っていると、立て看板に、「左が雄 右が雌」って書いてありました。

Then, on the right hand, there are two fine ginkgo trees. It is said to be a “couple ginkgo”. Ginkgo reminds me that there were female and male strains, and the signboard says, “Left is male, right is female”.

夫婦銀杏/ Couple of Ginkgo
夫婦銀杏/ Couple of Ginkgo


A sphere stone that is said to have been put in his sleeve by Kagemasa.

袂石 手玉石/  Big stone and  small stone
袂石 手玉石/ Big stone and small stone


Sanuki, Konpira shrine branch of Kagawa prefecture, Ishigami Shrine, Hakkaiyama Shrine, Mitakeyama Shrine, Mikasayama Shrine, etc. are lined up.

金刀比羅社 / Konpira shrine 石上神社 / Ishigami shrine 八海山神社 / Hakkai-san shrine 御嶽山神社 / Ontake-san shrine 三笠山神社 / Mikasa-yama shrine
金刀比羅社 / Konpira shrine 石上神社 / Ishigami shrine 八海山神社 / Hakkai-san shrine 御嶽山神社 / Ontake-san shrine 三笠山神社 / Mikasa-yama shrine


Various shrines are enshrined in the precincts, such as the “Ontake Shrine” in the far right of the main shrine. Indeed, Japan is the country of the “8 million gods (there are a lot of Gods)”.


When I was just go out the Goryo shrine, I asked shrine people “When would I be able to see Fukurokuju?”. After then I was asked “Do you want to see it?” and I answered “I want to see it if I can.” She said, “Then we will open the warehouse, so please prepare 100 yen for the admission fee and wait.”


Then, when the warehouse opened, I was instructed, “Please inside.” Once inside, there were many masks lined up and there was a “Fukurokuju” three-dimensional plate. The stomach of the plate was shiny because many people have touched it.

「鎌倉江ノ島七福神」福禄寿 / Fukurokuju of Kamakura Enoshima 7 lucky Gods
「鎌倉江ノ島七福神」福禄寿 / Fukurokuju of Kamakura Enoshima 7 lucky Gods


According to the Wiki, “Fukurokuju” means “happiness (not to be vague general happiness in modern Japanese, to be blessed with a real child with blood), Rokuroku (fortune), longevity (simply It embodies the three virtues of longevity with good health (not only longevity)”, so prayer hope for getting the true child by praying.


I felt refreshed to see “Fukurokuju,” which was a regret before.

いいね ! しよう

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